Fall 2013 Courses and Books

In Fall 2013, I’ll be teaching ENGL 1113: Honors Freshman Composition; ENGL 1102: Freshman Composition II; and ENGL 3120: Southern Literature (cross-listed at the graduate level as ENGL 6440: Studies in Southern Literature). The book lists for these courses should be available at the Jagstore very soon, but in the meantime, here’s what you’ll need:

ENGL 3120: Southern Literature
Literature of the American South (ISBN: 978-0-393316-71-1): this is our anthology
Absalom, Absalom (ISBN: 978-0-679732-18-1)
Native Guard (ISBN: 978-0-618872-65-7)
Oral History (ISBN: 978-0-345410-28-3)

ENGL 1113: Honors Freshman Composition I
Rules for Writers (ISBN: 978-0-312647-36-0)

ENGL 1102: Freshman Composition II
Rules for Writers (ISBN: 978-0-312647-36-0) (or the handbook you used in ENGL 1101)
Prodigal Summer (ISBN: 978-0-060959-03-6): this is our novel
Reading and Writing about Literature (ISBN: 978-1-457606-49-6)

If you have any questions about my Fall classes, stop by the office or send me an e-mail.

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