Tools for managing your work:

Sync your files between computers. Dropbox stores your files on an external site (2G for free; you can pay for more space), and you can access them from any computer that can open a website, or you can sync them between computers by installing the Dropbox software. This site makes an excellent backup for your files–including those papers that you don’t want to lose!

Same deal as Dropbox, but with better security.

Organize your citations. Zotero senses content as you’re browsing (for example, in a database or on a web page) and snags citation information for you. You can use it to take notes on your sources and connect to your word processor for citing. Designed to work as a Firefox plugin, Zotero is available (in beta) as a standalone product, with available “connectors” for Chrome and Safari.

Tools for practicing your skills:

For Better, for Verse:
This University of Virginia site allows you to practice scansion.

Writing, research, and grammar tools:

Pearson’s online exercises. You can work through exercises and have results sent to your professor, if you wish.

Writer’s Reference site
More online exercises. Here, too, you can have your results sent to your professor.

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab
Probably the most used and most comprehensive source of resources for writing, research, grammar, and citations.

Writing the Argument
Presentation slides and handouts from the Supplemental Instruction Program workshop.

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